ELAN2 no longer available due to company closure of MMR!


Fortunately, we can offer you an excellent alternative!! 


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ELAN2 Products


The ELAN2 Family of Liquid Nitrogen Generators provide you with clean, reliable, on-demand LN2 at a touch of a button by extracting N2 directly from the air around you. This is made possible by advanced Nitorgen separation and closed-cycle Kleemenko cooler technology.


All that is needed is a well ventilated semi-clean environment and standard wall electricity to make your very own LN2 directly in your office or laboratory. Because the liquid Nitrogen generated has not been handled by industrial equipment and transport trucks, it is very clean making it ideal for clean rooms, tissue biological sample preservation, clinical cryosurgical applications. 


The ELAN2 Liquid Nitrogen Generators are intrinsically safe. They have been designed with safety in mind to ensure the user never comes in contact with Liquid Nitrogen.


These Award winning systems are worldwide available and CE certified.

Key Advantages

  • safe, clean, on-Hand Liquid Nitrogen directly in your Office/ lab
  • extracting N2 directly from the air around you
  • also suitable for HpGe detectors
  • userfriendly interface
  • minimized user intervention
  • designed with the highest Level of user safety in mind
  • improved Overall efficiency, uptime and production by integrated self-management system and error checking
  • very clean LN2 --> has not been handled by industrial equipment ad transport trucks
  • Ideal solution for Research applications and clean rooms

Operating Environment Requirements

  • Well ventilated, semi-clean environment
  • room should be free of dust and exhaust
  • temperature should not exceed 77 F
  • humidity: < 80 % rel. humidity
  • air flow: 50 l / min (< 6 ppm moisture)
  • electricity: 2 standard wall outlets
  • power: max. 900 watts


  • an easily accessible air filter is the only required maintenance (approx. every 1 - 3 months)
  • air filter can be replaced by the customer on-site and with the unit running
  • company MMR-Technologies offers a 24 months warranty for the ELAN2 systems


Electrical Service

115 VAC / 230 VAC

Single Phase


50Hz / 60Hz

500 - 900 Watts

Liquid Nitrogen Production

Generation Rate:
Storage Capacity:


Static Operation:

250 ml per hour (up to 8 litres per day)

Office System 1 Liter internal dewar / Autotransfer System plus 20 liter external dewar

98% (< 2% oxygen)

0.095 liters per day; Normal working duration: 135 days

Operating Environment



max. 25 °C

< 80% Relative Humidity (the lower, the better efficiency of the system)

the cleaner the air, the higher the production rate
Dimensions & Weight

Air Compressor:

15" x 15" x 37" (130 lb)

18" x 18" x 15" (60 lb)